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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Gulen Turkish School in Nigeria, Africa closed Turkish International School

We are told that the Gulen population operates more than 1 Turkish school in Nigeria.  So this information is rather vague.  But it seems the boys have not been following the rules of the country (surprise surprise)  and was closed along with 29 other schools.

The Kano state Private Schools Task Force constituted by the state government has closed down the famous Nigerian/Turkish International Schools and 29 others for violating the rules and regulations governing the educational activities of the state.
The taskforce committee chairman, Alhaji Baba Umar, announced the closure of the schools while briefing newsmen in Kano yesterday.
He explained that the closure of the schools became necessary because the management of the affected schools refused to comply with government regulations governing the operation of private schools in the state.
He said other reasons for the action include indiscriminate increase of school fees without following the approved processes and lack of well-stocked laboratories/libraries in case of secondary schools.
Others are non-functional academic records, log book, register, visitors’ book, syllabus and scheme of work books among others.
He warned that the schools would not be reopened until they fully comply with the directives.
Baba also hinted that most of the affected schools were operating without provisional approval/ certificates

Gulen Imposter, poor actor has the unfortunate fate of looking like Hocaefendi

Soap opera Actor of India, unfortunately looks like the world's most hated Muslim Cult leader

Monday, October 8, 2012

Success of Gulen Movement-inspired schools in Pacific Countries

Fr. Michel is a paid puppet for Gulen Movement and no one of importance within the Catholic or Christian Communities.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gulenist give famous trips to Turkey to Capetown, Africa area leaders

Gulenists and the famous free trips to Turkey, winning the hearts and minds of the people.

Even though an insider had informed me about a trip by Cape Town Tourism CEO Mariette du Tout-Helmbold with Mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille some time ago, it was a surprise to see Mrs Helmbold Tweeting so actively on behalf of Istanbul, and that a delegation of at least  10 City of Cape Town and Cape Town Tourism persons is in Istanbul, as this Tweet by Cape Town Tourism informed: “Our CEO @MariettedTH is part of a Cape Town trade exchange delegation en-route to Turkey with Mayor @PatriciaDeLille & @Grantpascoe“.
A photograph which Mrs Helmbold Tweeted yesterday showed the team of ten in their Sunday casuals, and includes Councillor Grant Pascoe, Mayoral Committee Member for Tourism, Events and Marketing; Anton Groenewald, who heads up Pascoe’s department in the City offices; City Manager Achmat Ebrahim; Cape Town Tourism Chairman Ian Bartes who is ACSA Cape Town’s Manager of Service Standards in his day job; Enver Duminy, Mrs Helmbold’s right-hand man; Inge Dykman, Marketing and Communications Officer at Cape Town Tourism; a Wesgro staff member; and, surprisingly, Chef Peter Ayub of cooking school and catering company ‘A Sense of Taste’!  They will be away from Cape Town for ten days.
Turkey has not been designated as a source of tourism for Cape Town by Wesgro or Cape Town Tourism, so one wonders why Cape Town Tourism sent four representatives on this sight-seeing trip.  An article on Turquoise Harmony Institute’s website provides an idea of what the delegation is doing (other than visit endless fruit markets, as per Mrs Helmbold’s Tweets!): “The Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Ms. Patricia De Lille has visited Turkey as the guest of Turquoise Harmony Institute. THI regional director Mr Savas Karabulut has accompanied the delegation which held meetings including with the Mayor of Istanbul and visited many sites. Ms De Lille visited skills training institutions run by the Istanbul Municipality adn (sic) also paid a visit to the construction site of the under-sea tunnel which will connect europian (sic) side of Istanbul to Asian part. The delegation also visited numbe rof (sic) NGOs adn (sic) academic institutions and had briefings on teir (sic) activities”.
The only Tweet related to tourism came from Mrs Helmbold yesterday morning: “Out and about with our hosts from Istanbul Tourism to learn more about this incredible city and explore opportunities for Cape Town”, and this morning she Tweeted:”Official trade and tourism exchange day between #CapeTown and #Istanbul with top media, trade and the tourism boards and local government”.
The City of Cape Town issued a media release last Friday, announcing its trip to Turkey, motivating it as a follow-up trip to one earlier this year: “Indeed, we laid a solid foundation with Turkish investors earlier this year in a scoping trip mapping the opportunities for business investment in Cape Town and export opportunities for our own businesses. So positive was the reception that we will be travelling back to Turkey today to cement those opportunities and build on key linkages in the tourism sector. A delegation, led by myself and the City Manager, Mr Achmat Ebrahim, and joined by members of WESGRO, the investments promotion vehicle for the region and Cape Town Tourism, the main vehicle for promotion of the City region abroad.  Our schedule is a tight one, packed as it is into only a few days. However, we will be meeting with key industry and government leaders to establish the economic linkages that will open the Turkish market to Cape Town in numerous ways. A key focus of ours will be to market what Cape Town has to offer, not only as a summer destination but a regional leader for businesses looking to establish a presence in the Southern African market. Too often people talk about attracting investment, but do nothing to accomplish it. We cannot expect new markets to appreciate what we have to offer if we make no effort to tell them. It is a fact of business, and of life, that only the most tenacious sales pitches succeed, delivered by people who will not give up”. No Tweets to date have indicated that meetings to achieve the goal of economic linkages have been held!
There has been no media release from Cape Town Tourism to justify this expenditure of monies and time, when Cape Town should be preparing itself for the upcoming summer season and attracting the maximum number of tourists to our beautiful city.  It is hardly likely that they will come from Turkey, despite the introduction of four direct flights per week between Cape Town and Istanbul from end October. Instead, it appears that Mrs Helmbold’s active ‘Turkish Delight’ Tweeting for Istanbul will see an exodus of Capetonians visiting Istanbul soon!
Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: Twitter: @WhaleCottage

Gulen Movement's new Marketing-Tanzanian Education Minister appreciates Turkish schools

"Peacebuilding through education"................tell that to the Kurds

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gulen Movement - An Example to the 'Committed Core' in Promoting Peace t...

Finally the mouthpiece of the Gulen Movement Alp Aslandogan STARTS to talke about the Gulen Movement/Hizmet and it's influences on schools.