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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Success of Gulen Movement-inspired schools in Pacific Countries

Fr. Michel is a paid puppet for Gulen Movement and no one of importance within the Catholic or Christian Communities.


  1. I know Fr. Thomas Michel more than 3 years. He is a very honest and brave person.
    Here is his official web site:

  2. Go figure Michel is a Jesuit. A paragraph from the Georgetown site--- "After spending 2008-9 at Woodstock as an International Visiting Fellow, Father Michel joined the Jesuit community in Ankara, Turkey -- the only Catholic religious community working in that city."

    Does this not foresee the common denominater between the two religions?. A misogyny that ruled for eons? As Catholic women, the more savvy, spiritually intelligent, women shed the clerical crapola of invisible burkas..such men revealed mindsets built on fear of all women, thus proving men's immaturity.

    How convenient for Jesuits to align with Turks in their need for a scapegoat..women!
    By eventually merging the two religions, both perps would be on board to disempower women,stifle their voices, and keeping them scapegoats of men's angst. The pope years ago told american women they had gone too far in their feminism. On a point or two I might agree, but surely this does not eradicate centuries of clerical crap.

    With 30 years of attending mass, I NEVER EVER heard one priest denounce any sins against women, not child abuse, brothels, porn and more. Nor did they ever denounce the mentally sick perv priests, and why would this be? Because they'd have to give credence to the eternal damage they did to mother and child. Fat chance on that one.

    A friend of mine whose father went into the Jesuits left a year after entry. He found the Jesuit ranks filled with homosexual pervs. The Jesuits might be brilliant, but MENTAL ILLNESS KNOWS NO INTELLECTUAL BOUNDARIES. No matter the brilliance, the perv Jesuits who swirl a private body part in another guy's feces, are to be detested.

    So now Jesuits align with Ankara/muslims. Knowing both religions detest women, one finds it hard to see any other denominator to bring a marriage of the minds. Surely there is no way on God's good earth where Islam and Christianity could ever co-exist.
    They are diametrically opposed forever. Whereas Christ demands we sacrifice our selfish interests, Allah the terrorist god Demands you destroy the 'other' sick!

    Muslims have in any conquered country, always treated women like dogs, enslave them and infidels. A world built on love, freedom, walking in the spirit of the one True God, would all be sacrificed to allah, a mindset of archaic terrorism...a psychopathy that views women as major scapegoat.

    So father Michel shows ignorance in thinking he can bridge the christian religion which is totally contrary to Islam. Retreat to the 7th century would be the order of the day. As I see it, The church could embrace Islam..where imams can post youtubes telling men "How to Properly Beat Your Wife".

    @ the commentor above. RE: your remark above about father tell me, was your dear father BRAVE enough to ever speak out for abused women, women sexually abused by their fathers..women used in the Turkish sex slave industry in Istanbul. If he hasn't contacted any idiot imam who puts out youtubes on beating your wife, then your Thomas Michel is neither HONEST nor BRAVE. Neither is he if he never railed against the vast pedophilia/gay nightmares...including last years exposure of Jesuits in Ireland who had done horrendous things to children under their care....jailtime is in order for any man who would deal with the devil in destroying a child.

  3. Father Michel or whatever anyone wants to call the pervert these days is a flake that is getting paid by the Gulen Movement. Michel does nothing for free.

    To the Gulenist above. Ask yourself why your CULT only parades around an ancient photo of the late Pope John Paul II, from a 1-time meeting (after the late pope was shot by a Turk)??? Think long and hard about this. That stupid photo is 15 years old.

    Do you want to debate about the CURRENT Pope Benedict's thoughts, writings and feelings toward Gulen or Turkey? Why don't you write about how the CURRENT Pope has condemmend the Republic of Turkey for stealing the St. Hagia Sofia Church and converting it, the killing of Priests, the hardships on minorities, and in fact it is largely Pope Benedict that urges the Christian leaning countries of Europe to NOT include Turkey into the European Union.

    Also Gulen has gone on record saying that the Vatican is evil, and all the evil in Bosnia and elsewhere was caused by the Vatican. "They are a den of Snakes and the Pope is a Viper"

    That is on UTube from Gulen's own speech.

    So is Father Michel a Cobra, Rattlesnake or just a little ole' gopher snake?

  4. Not sure what Father Michel is, perhaps just a nincompoop who thinks he must be PC.
    But if what you say is true about Pope Benedict condemning the Republic of Turkey, I wish he would go and visit the whackjob cardinals and priests of Belgium who allow muslims to sleep and take up camp in their cathedrals...apparently those nincs don't realize that once you feed the beast, it comes back for more..and more...and more...