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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gulen Movement - An Example to the 'Committed Core' in Promoting Peace t...

Finally the mouthpiece of the Gulen Movement Alp Aslandogan STARTS to talke about the Gulen Movement/Hizmet and it's influences on schools. 


  1. I didn't know whether to laugh hilarously or cry at the message presented by Aslandogan.

    Having taught turk boys who were close to the neanderthal stage, I am struck by the arrogance of thinking that they can 'civilize' when their own are anything but!!

    The turk principal at a school I taught at, told me they bring their turk boys to America to these schools so boys become 'civilized'.
    It never enters their minds this civilizing force for us is the judaic/christian ethic.

    On the moral front, they had no problem with cheating/theft at the school. They would steal supplies, get into teacher's computers to change grades/ watch porn or play games ...and what a hugh drag that was for the teachers.

    Try to imagine this...a classroom of boys from diverse Turk from wealthy homes who were lazy as hell,refusing to work. THen other kids who had been kicked out of school after school in Turkey and the US and this school was the last resort.

    This experience of dealing with recalcitrants was anything but good. I didn't appreciate telling admin I would bring in local police, if they didn't control their boys behavior.

    This in hugh contrast to the awful control of women..their every move..what they can wear, where they can go, etc.. Worse of all is Turkey's domestic abuse rates..the FIRST school of education for these boys..seeing their OWN mothers treated as less than dogs...and boys told me when their mothers came to the US they would get divorced...and the boys always sided with their moms, as they knew the mother got the crappy end of the stick...I felt for the boys for they were still innocent and knew in their hearts that their mothers were beautiful women who did not deserve to be treated like dirt with the father assuming a god-almighty stance in the family thanks to the quran..but in reality by abusing his woman, he revealed what an UNMANLY jerk he was. The kids know!

    Thankfully some of these boys 'got it'..that their religion dictates abuse of women and keeping them in their place, while men can marry repeatedly and banish the previous wife..what a sick culture/religion that is, that can take half the globe and set that half of humanity in the toilet..and they want to bring that to us and the globe!!!..who needs sickness like that?

    That is cultural, familial, emotional and spiritual sickness that puts men above women and refuses to protect her and the children. For those/Hizmets who think they can change the world, listen up. Islam cannot be reformed or modernized. Was never done with totalitarianism or communism, now was it? Didn't think so!

    For the sake of women and all of humanity it can only be eradicated, for an evil philosophy can never become good. So I suggest that the hizmet guys get a clue.The real nature of Islam and its take on women is key...after all, when domestic abuse flourishes all over Turkey and the sex slave turk hovels bring in girls from poor countries and make them victims of sick, sadistic, brutish, turkish men, how do they make that jive with a movement that purports to clean up the rest of the world. Ain't happening guys, so I say, go back home and clean up your own hell hole, treat your women like the treasures they are, send your sex slaves back home to their own countries and stop the abuse.

    And men,take a page out of CHrist's book..and begin by sacrificing yourself and letting go of your misogynistic ways and abominable ape mindsets. And for sure, wake up and tell your idiot imams to stop putting out youtubes on How TO Beat Your Wife Properly. If you think you will ever win over the world with crap like that, you had better think once, twice, a zillion times over. None of us need to be taken back to the 7th century which is where most of Islam's head is today...and why would we? Why would any woman want to be so depressed 24/7 over being treated like chattel...freedom and ancient bully mindsets can never coexist-get it?

  2. Aslandogan tries to convince the world especially the USA that the Gulen way is the only way. Poor guy is really brainwashed, he truly believes this. But then the other neck and brains of the Gulen Movement Ardem Arici also beleived it and now he sits in Federal prison for over $50 million in embezzlement and money laundering schemes via his green grocery stores.

    Are the feds only looking at the neck and brains of the Gulen Movement? Maybe Aslandogan is next?