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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gulen Charter Schools in the USA: Gulen and Fulton Science Academy in Turkish News

Gulen Charter Schools in the USA: Gulen and Fulton Science Academy in Turkish News: Article in Turkish paper with Gulen and Fulton Science Academy, Alph...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gulen Schools on every continent but Antartica

Page created Nov 24, 2011  Last updated May 12, 2012
by C.A.S.I.L.I.P.S. - Citizens Against Special Interest Lobbying in Public Schools
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Note: it has not been possible to independently verify the estimates given below for the number of students in Gulen schools or chains of schools.  The source is given for all estimates; readers will have to judge reliability for themselves.

Afghanistan   40,000 students (2008; overestimate?)    5600 students (2012)

Source: Turkish Weekly, July 19, 2005
"Today, there are 35 teachers, including 18 from Turkey, for the 500 students at the Kabul school."

Source: Turkiye/Turkey Forum Jan 16, 2008
"First Turkish school was opened at 1996. ... Schools built by TIKA [Turkish Cooperation and Development Administration ] have been transferred to the Afghan administration. There are
40,000 students in these schools today. (2007)"

Source: Pajhwok Afghan News  May 5, 2012
"Ozturk added 5,600 students had been studying in Afghan-Turk schools. Of 528 teachers in these schools, 150 are Turkish citizens.....About 2,900 students had so far graduated from Afghan-Turk schools, Wardak said, adding that another 2,600 were studying in various higher education intuitions in Turkey
Albania     several thousand students  (2010)

Source: New Islamic actors after the Wahhabi intermezzo: Turkey’s return to the Muslim Balkans.  Kerem Oktem. Oxford 2010

"In all three countries [Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia] the organisational structure and the content of the curriculum is close to identical and mirrors Gülen schools in Turkey and elsewhere. ...In the Western Balkans, there are currently ten such colleges with
several thousand students."

"Burc, or Burch University, in Sarajevo is a spin-off from the Turkish College and the Bosnia Sema Foundation. It was established in 2008 and, for now, is a rather modest institution with only 300 undergraduates and 16 professors, both of which mostly haul from Turkey. ...Another such institute of higher education is Tirana’s Epoka University, which has succeeded in positioning itself as a more influential institution in the country’s academic life.  Both universities are private foundations and charge considerable fees, and both are in close contact with Fatih University, which is the University of the Cemaat in Istanbul."
Argentina   110 students (2007)

Source: Hurriyet Daily News - Turkish Daily News March 20, 2007  "Turkish Community in Buenos Aires"
"The ATFF [Argentina-Turkey Friendship Foundation] also supported opening up a school in Buenos Aires. Colegio Hercules is the first Argentinean-Turkish school. It was established in 2006. Today the school has
110 students. Colegio Hercules is one of the Turkish schools that are run by Fethullah Gulen - a former Islamic preacher, writer, and leader of the eponymous group alternatively called Gulen's movement, or Fethullahci movement in Turkey. ...  The movement runs several hundred schools, mostly in Turkey and Central Asia. In these schools children from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds are educated by mainly Turkish educators."
Australia   >1505 students (2009)

Source: Cemen Polat, Dec 2009 "Gulen-inspired schools in Australia: educational vision and funding"
"The establishment and foundation of Gulen-inspired schools began in Australia in 1996. By 2009, 16 Gulen-inspired schools had been established in Australia."
"Sule College is non profit, independent and non denominational school which was established in 1996 and was built by the Turkish Community. The school started with only 33 students, however, today there are 3 campuses in NSW; Prestons, Auburn and Illawara. The current
number of students in primary schools is 753 and 752 in secondary and caters for Kindergarten up to Year 12."
Note that in addition to the Sule College chain, there is the Isik College chain and Damla College; estimates for their enrollments will be added as soon as they are found.
Azerbaijan    22 schools (2006)

Source: Svante E. Cornell, October 2006 Silk Road Paper, Central Asia Caucasus Institute - Silk Road Studies Program "The Politicization of Islam in Azerbaijan"
"The Gulen movement’s educational activities in Azerbaijan are led by Cag Ogretim isletmeleri A.S.., a private Turkish company that runs a network of Turkish high schools and one university. Currently, there are
10 high schools, one elementary school, one gymnasium, 10 university preparation schools, and one university (Qafqaz University).  ...   The Qafqaz University, which was established in 1993, has been one of the leading private institutions of higher education in Azerbaijan. ...  Students that want to enroll at Turkish high schools (starting from the sixth grade level) have to pass a competitive test, and if accepted, have to pay an annual tuition fee that ranges from $1500 to $3000. Thus, most of the enrolled students at these schools are either from the middle or the upper class families."
Bangladesh    1300 students

Source: Shafiq Raman, Probe News Magazine "At the Turkish Hope School"
"As the founder Principal, Kazim Eldes set up the International Hope School in Gulshan in rented premises in 1996. It was then formally inaugurated in 1997 by the Turkish President Sulyman Demirel. ... The school now has an impressive campus in Uttara Sector 4. It has five other campuses in Gulshan and Uttara as well. It has a
total of 1300 students at present. ...  Turkish Hope School is not limited to Dhaka only, but is extending to other districts. The Principal says that they soon will be opening branches in other places of the country. The Chittagong campus has already been running since 2005. It goes up to Class VIII there. A campus is now underway in Bogra."

Source: school website, 2011
"International Turkish Hope School (I.T.H.S.) started as a sole branch with few students.  However with the sincere efforts of its dedicated management the total number of students has grown up. Now we have
five branches in Dhaka and two branches outside of Dhaka.  We also have a branch in Chittagong and Bogra."
Cambodia     800 students (2011)

Source: soL (Turkish news outlet) March 21, 2011 "Fethullahçı hocaların silah sevdası"  (Fethullah-follower teachers love of weapons)
"Şimdilerde 800’den fazla öğrencisi olan okulu"  (the school now with more than 800 students)
Ethiopia    4 schools (2009)

Source: Addis Fortune, Sep 13, 2009, "Girma Keen to See More of Turkish Investment in Ethiopia"
"Girma also praised the cooperation between TUSKON and the Turkish schools, pointing out that the director of the
four Turkish schools in Addis Abeba accompanied him during the last TUSKON trade bridge."
Germany     645 students  (2007)

Source: Kommunal-Info Mannheim, June 10, 2010 "Die Gülen-Gymnasien Deutschlands"
"Im Jahr 2007 waren an den Schulen der Gülen-Gemeinde insgesamt 645 Schüler eingeschrieben."
Translation: In 2007, a total of 645 students were enrolled in schools of the Gulen community.

News articles:
Feb 19, 2008  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung "Integration: Die türkischen Bildungsbürger "
Mar 28, 2010  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung "Türkische Schulen in Deutschland: Muslime mit calvinistischem Ehrgeiz"
Iraq    6500 students; 20 schools  (2011)

Source: Today's Zaman, Mar 4, 2011
"At present there are
20 Turkish schools which accommodate about 6500 students. ... Turkish schools have been operating in Iraq since 1994..."

Source: Transnational Middle-East Observer (blog of Wladimir van Wilgenburg) Sep 13, 2009
"The Fezalar schools are quite popular for the Kurdish elite. In the last years they had
3200 students and 800 graduates."
Kazakhstan   1400 students (2010)    29 schools (2003)

Source: Time Magazine, "The Turkish Imam and His Global Educational Mission," Pelin Turgut, April 26, 2010.  "Sel is now director of 28 high schools in Kazakhstan, from three when he first arrived. Entrance is by competitive exam. This year, 30,000 students applied for 1,400 spots..."

Source: A bargain between the secular state and Turkish Islam: politics of ethnicity in Central Asia. Nations and Nationalism 10 (3), 2004, 353–374.  Berna Turam.
"The movement has twenty-nine schools in Kazakhstan, twelve schools in Azerbaijan, thirteen schools in Turkmenistan and twelve schools in Kyrgyzstan (Balci 2003: 5). The only Turkic Central Asian country which has been hostile to the movement’s schools is Uzbekistan. It has not only repressed
Islamic action as a result of fear of the Islamic threat but also banned the movement’s schools since 1999."
Kenya    1200 students  (2008)      6 schools  (2008)

Source: [Gulen-inspired Schools in the East Africa Secular Alternative in Kenya and
Pragmatist Approach to Development in Uganda
by Mehmet Kalyoncu
"The first Gulen-inspired school in Kenya was opened in total there are six Gulen-inspired schools in Kenya. .... Currently, 350 students are registered in the Light Academy secondary-high school in Nairobi, and the school administration aims to raise this number to 550-600. Similarly, the Light Academy secondary-high school in Mombasa has 250 students...  Moreover, the Light Academy primary schools both in Nairobi and Mombasa average 300 students registered."
Kyrgyzstan    4616 students  (2010)    12 schools (2003)

Source: Ahmet Orhan Polat  October 19, 2010 "The Key Factors Behind the Success of Gülen-Inspired Schools"  from Proceedings, Gulen Conference in Indonesia.
"there were around
510 teachers and 4616 students in Gulen-inspired schools in Kyrgyzstan in 2007."

Source: A bargain between the secular state and Turkish Islam: politics of ethnicity in Central Asia. Nations and Nationalism 10 (3), 2004, 353–374.  Berna Turam.
"The movement has twenty-nine schools in Kazakhstan, twelve schools in Azerbaijan, thirteen schools in Turkmenistan and twelve schools in Kyrgyzstan (Balci 2003: 5)."
Libya    27 "education initiatives"

Source: Today's Zaman, Feb 23, 2012  "Libyan minister would like to see Turkish teachers, schools in his country"
"Encouraged by Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen, Turkish entrepreneurs have established hundreds of schools across the world,......Ghariani said Turkish companies currently have 27 education initiatives in Libya worth $10 million, and some of them are ongoing projects."
Madagascar    800 students  (2011)

Source: Hizmet Movement blog  English translation of May 21, 2011 Turkish-langauge article from Star Gundem
"800 students receive education in three Turkish schools in Madagascar."
Moldova      820 students  (1993)

Source: Zaman newspaper, June 14, 2006
"The Moldova-Turkish Schools opened as private schools in 1993 with 50 teachers and 820 students."
Nepal      1200 students  (2011)

Source: Zaman newspaper, Feb 18, 2011; translation given here.
"That means Turkish volunteers who were inpired by Fethullah Gulen‘s ideals have arrived to Nepal almost 10 years ago to educate the youth of the country. ...“We opened the first Turkish school in 2002 with 100 students. Today, we have 1200 students..."
Nigeria     3200 students; 17 schools (2011)    4000 students; 15 schools (2010)

Source: Hasan Aydin, PhD thesis, University of Nevada-Reno "The Educational Effectiveness of Guelen-inspired Schools: The Case of Nigeria"
"The schools involved in this study are members of Nigerian Turkish International College (here in referred to as the NTIC schools, the term ―college signifying
school in the British parlance) network, first established in Nigeria in 1998, with branches now operating in the states of Abuja, Kano, Lagos, Kaduna, Ogun, and Yobe, a total of seventeen schools in all with a population of three thousand two hundred students attending at the nursery, primary, secondary, and pre-university levels."

Source: Today's Zaman, March 4, 2010 "Nigerian Turkish college students win dozens of medals
"The 15 Turkish schools, a university preparation course program and a university are currently educating more than 4,000 students. ... The latest of these schools, the Nigerian-Turkish Nile University, opened its doors this year and admitted 200 students."
Pakistan     5200 students   (Oct 2011)

Source: Press Release of Pakturk Cag Educational Foundation, Oct 7, 2011
"PakTurk educational institutions currently educate more than 5200 students by internationally qualified Pakistani and Turkish teaching and administrative faculty across Pakistan."
Senegal     1700 students; 7 schools  (2012)

Source: Haber Afrika  "Türk okulları Afrika'da sömürgeci eğitimin yol açtığı fukaralığı bitirecek"  Jan 23, 2012    "bugün 7 okul, 1.700 öğrenci var"

Vietnam   > 800 students  (Mar 2010)

Source: (blog) March 25, 2010
"Zaman International Schools was founded in 1997 and currently enrolls over 800 students." 

Partial list, more to be added

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fethullah Gulen web site hacked by RED HACK (kızıl hackerlar)

The website, a page dedicated to Turkish religious leader Fethullah Gülen, has been taken down by the RedHack organization.

Members of the socialist RedHack group replaced the original contents of the website with their own emblem – a red hammer and sickle with a hand holding a computer keyboard – and a message that read "Down with the imam and his minions. Long live the revolution.”

RedHack was responsible for hacking into Ankara police's database in February, when they downloaded secret information including messages from informants and passwords to email accounts of high-ranking police officers. The incident revealed that the Turkish police used the number sequence "123456" as a password to save secret documents.

Audit questions spending by Fulton Science Academy Fetrhullah Gulen School