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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fethullah Gulen Joins a Dating site


  1. ONLY KIND OF DATE THIS GUY WILL GET IS A 'BLIND DATE'..If she can't see him, she might be able to cut it, but not with 20/20 vision anyday.

    EITHER THAT OR PUT A BAG OVER HIS HEAD. After all what is good for the goose is good for the gander...a burka for a bag on his head, and yep,maybe a bag for his other head as well.

    This vid is so hilarous and so apropos..have yet to meet a turk male who has graduated from that pathetic prepubescent 9 year old emotional stage. Methinks this is why the heavy duty emotional abuse of their women...beat them up, and demoralize the female so that she can never leave him as her self esteem is totally eroded, but by god, er, allah, he gets to have his pretend mommy who provides milk and cookies for his little tun tum.....ooooaaaayyyy.

  2. Do you think this is funny? What's your point? Your efforts only will make Fethullah Gulen known better and better. You're just gonna expose your character to whole world by making fun of him. This is unfortunate for you but Caravan will move on...

    1. What is not funny is the hypocrisy of this cult that has a singular goal of returning to the caliphate. But I suppose that when for 1,400 years your culture/religion stayed in the same place forever due to enslaving others, you would not have time to be creative or grow or produce anything of worth.
      But then from what I've heard the goal is to remain in a cave forevermore.

      So now,muslims feel that since they lost 1,400 years, that now it is the
      time to catch up and get with the modern age. Problem with that is there is no Fast way to catch up, unless you want to play fake games. One obvious fake game is to have a man call himself a scholar and not having ever finished the fifth grade decide to call himself a self proclaimed scholar.

      What kind of a joke/lie is that? In america if anyone claims to be an expert in anything with only a fifth grade education, they would be laughed out of the community as being a liar and a narcissistic ignorant nincompoop.

      Like with their schools where they claim to win math and science fairs. Having taught at such a school, I can vouch the students don't win a damn thing for their profs do the projects. Add to that, the fact that most the boys were incredibly lazy, undisciplined and have no respect at all for female teachers. When you have turk muslim boys who lie/cheat/steal their way to grades, you know you have met boys who by virtue of their religion, have been raised to not respect women and to lie like the quran tells them.

      And yet, they had no problem using teacher's computers on weekends and loading up porn sites and gaming sites. They brought in tools to take off locks on teachers doors and then stole supplies along with watching porn. SO much for the purity of Islam..what a joke to have kids ask you if they can watch Beyonce with her bouncing boobs. All the meanwhile their poor mothers had to wear veils/hijabs, etc to hide her beauty..I guess it is because I see this very real hypocrisy on the part of imams and moe men as aa sign of vast immaturity and downright ignorance. Why the hell don't the men hide their faces...what makes them think they have a right to vitamin D so the sun can be on their skin, but women must gamble on poor health?

      Do you see that these boys have been correctly reared? I see it as kids who have been brainwashed by imams and fathers into a sick outlook on women. Worse, is the egotistical persona such boys develop as they feel superior to the woman who gave him birth..I find that repulsive to say the least.

      Tell me, have you ever seen Gulen telling student's fathers that they should NOT watch idiot imams youtubes telling their men How to Properly Beat Your WIfe? No, you haven't heard GUlen denounce this, nor have you ever heard him denounce the turkish sex slave hovels where girls are kidnapped and kept as victims for sadistic turkish islamic men who think that women are toilets to crap on and into...this is sick and surely does not constitute anything funny. SO you by your idiotic remark above only prove you are clueless about this cult..and about the effect of a religion that serves to put 1/2 the population/women as dogs to be kicked, used or abused. So what is YOUR point in defending insanity? Is this insanity funny?

  3. Actually Imam Fethullah Mohammad Gulen has NO interest in women at all. Brainwashing, conning the world, money, greed, etc., yes but women?????

    no not at all. Some funny stuff going on at those all boy Gulen Lighthouse boarding schools.