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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gulen Schools Worldwide- Gulen meets former pontiff - Pope John Paul II and Vatican

Much publicity has been made by the Gulen Movement about this
1 time meeting with the late Pope John Paul II, this was over 13 years ago.  Not the only Turkish man who has met with the late Pontiff.

The Gulen Movement, likes to blast photos of Fetullah Gulen with credible religious leaders: Pope John Paul II, Rabbi Doren, and Greek Patrarch Barthomeos.   We are told there is a Gulen School in Italy, but the information is sketchy as to who is funding this Gulen School.  Gulen has a famous speech partly translated below that does not speak fondly of the Vatican.  This photo above was taken some 14 years after the Pope was shot by a Turkish National.  In 1982, the Pope met with the Turkish man that tried to kill him and offered his forgiveness on him.  See photo below.    

Pope John Paul II’s would be assasin to be freed on Monday

January 17, 2010
Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turk who tried
 to kill, now Venerable Pope John Paul II, is to be freed on Monday after 3 decades of being held in jail. It would be remembered that the failed assassination to the late Pontiff took place at St. Peter’s Square itself in Vatican, as the late Pope greet and meet the people that gathered outside for the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.
According to Agca, he plans on visiting the grave of Pope John Paul II to pay respect and hopefully to pay a visit to the new Pope, Benedict XVI, as soon as he is freed from jail. The Turk would be ex-convict tells of a plan on getting married and settling for a quieter life.
Despite the terrible incident, Pope John Paul II visited his would be assassin in jail, after suffering from a serious wound in the abdomen, only to grant full pardon then refused to detail anything that they’ve talk about in prison.
Although charges that the attack was fueled by the Soviet Union and then communist Bulgaria, it was never been named who really was behind the failed assassination.


 Gulen‘s view on the Vatican acuses the Vatican of being the mother of all evil and scum responsible for bloodshed around the world?

Here is a photo from the current Pope Benedict's controversial visit to Turkey.  On Wikileaks there is documents of Pope Benedicts conversations with many European leaders about not allowing Turkey into the European Union.

Protests of Pope Benedict's arrival in Turkey.

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