Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gulen Schools Worldwide- Philippines 3 Gulen Turkish Schools

The Gulen Movement began to surface in the Philippines in 1997, today it is reported that there are 3 Turkish Gulen Schools by Ambassador Chan who as you can see from the November 2010 article wants more Filipino Consulates in Turkey.   One school is called Turkish Tolerance School, the school featured in the above video is called Fountain International School, ironically named after Gulen's Publishing Company - Fountain Publishing.
It is the same story, country after country.  "Turkish businessmen see a need for a Science, Math and Technology school and open it"  "surrounding the school with Turkish culture clubs, interfaith dialog and a host of local dinners and awards to bribe local politicians, academia and media.
This first article is from Fethullah Gulen's web site boasting how the children sing and dance in Turkish.  Same song different country. 
From Fethullah Gulen’s own Web Site
Sept. 2006
A new Turkish school in the Philippine capital of Manila officially began classes yesterday.
The first Turkish school in the Philippines opened in 1997, and such schools continue to flourish, as demonstrated by the opening of the Fountain International School's Santolan branch yesterday.
Several local and foreign statesmen, journalists, writers, businessmen and teachers joined the school's inauguration ceremony, where Turkish Deputy Speaker Ismail Alptekin expressed his pride in international Turkish schools. He said graduates of these schools would always be a part of Turkey. (Gee what about part of the Philippines?)
Speaking of the need for peace in the world, Alptekin said that Turkey would do its best in to help end the clashes in the Middle East.
Philippines Minister of Education Jesli A. Lapus, speaking at the ceremony, said they were overjoyed with the level of education provided by these institutions and the opportunities for growth they provided for the countries' youth.
As part of the opening celebrations, students gave a performance of Turkish songs and folk dances that were warmly appreciated by audience, in particular by the Turkish delegation. The guests were most moved by the student's perfect rendition of Turkish singer Kirac's song, "Karahisar Castle."
Turkish guests and Philippine authorities took a tour of the school following the performance.
Philippine Minister Lapus compared the 60-student classrooms of local schools to the 16-person classroom system at the Turkish school, underscoring the importance of smaller classes for a higher quality of education. (By Abdullah Marasli, Manila)

Philippines' Ambassador to Turkey Pedro Chan visited Samsun's Governor Huseyin Aksoy on Friday.
Philippines' Ambassador to Turkey Pedro Chan said that his country wanted to open honorary consulates in Turkey's northern province of Samsun and northwestern province of Bursa.
Chan visited Samsun's Governor Huseyin Aksoy on Friday.
Noting that they wanted to further develop the trade between Philippines and Turkey, Chan said that his country already had honorary consulates in Istanbul, western province of Izmir and southern province of Mersin, and they would open another one in southeastern province of Gaziantep next month.
Chan also recalled that Turkish Airlines (THY) and Philippines Airlines signed an agreement, adding that there would be more flights between the two countries.
Chan added that there were three Turkish schools in Philippines.

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