Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
Restore the Ottoman Caliphate. Disclaimer: if some videos are down this is the result of Gulen censorship which filed a fake copyright infringement to UTUBE.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gulen School in Montreal, Canada Ecole Sogut sur CTV - Turkish school @ Montreal

UPDATE:  Canada will have their first annual Turkish Olympiad, then they
can send the winners to the big shindig Turkish Olympiad in Turkiye.
The 1st Country wide Turkish Olympiad – Canada  Final organized by Canadian Turkish Friendship Community  will be held at Living Art Center Hammerson Hall on April 29th 2011.
Students from all over the state of Canada  will compete in categories ranging from Turkish Language Test, singing contests, poetry contests and art contest.
Turkish Olympiad  2011 Friday April 29 2011 in Living Art Center
1st Annual Turkish Language Olympiad Canada Finals
April 29, 2011Living Art Center (Hammerson Hall)900 Bagby Street Mississauga,ON
Program Schedule
5:00 pm –7:00 pm.: Stands are open to visit
7:00 pm.-10:00 pm.: Competition and Award Ceremonies
Turkish language is spoken by over 250 million people in the world.  Turkish is spoken by 140 million of which 73 million reside in Turkey, the other 67 million are in Europe, Central Asia, etc., Today Turkish is taught in 115 countries. Ironically 115 is the amount that the Gulen Movement says has Turkish schools in . Moreover, Turkish is one of the critical-need languages under the National Security Language Initiative that highlights Turkish Language as “actively sought by universities, government agencies and the business sector for their skills, experience, and knowledge!” ( This is a Gulen website, actually turkish is 22nd ranked for critical needs languages.
Canadian Turkish Friendship Community is teaching Turkish classes in Toronto for different age groups. In order to promote Turkish language learning and cultural diversity, CTFC has been decided organizing Canada wide Turkish Language Olympiads . CTFC will host students from different  states who will compete in 4 categories including singing, poetry, art,  and state exhibition contests.Living Art Center Hammerson Hall will be home to this  popular event first time. This family-friendly event is open to the public from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor this authentic culture and language, so mark your calendars today!More information is available at  Please post on Utube so we can see your performance


  1. I am a Canadian living in Turkey. The Gulen movement in Turkey from my observations is a dangerous organization with one aim, to control and rule the Turkish Republic, turning this country into a islamic republic, probably complete with Shira law. They are widely seen by the secular society within Turkey as having infiltrated the police, military and intelligence service and the judicary as well as having a big say in the AKP goverment of Turkey, to the extent of controlling policy. They have to some, including me, managed to control the prosecutors by getting any journalist that writes about their involvement in infiltrating and pulling the strings in the police, locked up and held without bail, some for up to 2 years now. The goverment claims this is an ongoing investigation having to do with the alleged "Ergenekon" case, in which hundreds of retired and serving senior military officers, journalists, academics and entertainers have been arrested, many without charge and having been jailed for up to 2 years, some have even died in custody because of lack of medical care. Don't trust the Gulen organization, it is evil of the worst kind, disguised as enlightend organization.

    1. I think people are afraid of what they don’t know. I think you are one of this kind. I invite you to read about the Gulen Mouvement. The mouvement promote tolerance, anderstanding eachother, peace, accepting other as they are, etc.
      Click on the adress and get rid of your ignorance:

    2. Mike or Mehmet:
      We agree with you, this is why we encourage everyone to research the Gulen Movement. More importantly, NOT just reading your Hocaefendi's propaganda via his multitude of websites and books (Today's Zaman, Fountain Publishing)
      What we have a problem with is your lack of transparency and the fact your group NEVER wants to associate yourself with Hizmet. Your schools in the USA lie to the bitter end they are part of Hizmet. This is what will take your down and has caused your many schools to close is your LYING> Are you embarassed to admit you are part of the movement?
      As far as being afraid.........everyone better be afraid. Especially in Turkey where the Gulen Movement controls 70% of the Police, judiciary system etc. Where people cannot speak out and are thrown in jail as "terrorists" because they expose the truth about your exiled Fetos.
      No ignorance here and we will not be stopped or intimidated. Thus, this is why we leave your post here.

      Everyday your fellow brethren are leaving because of the lies you must live behind. Face it you know nothing about the true Islamic Imam Muhammed Fetullah Gulen (won't even use his name Muhammed)

      And WE understand your group better than you do. Please learn to spell "movement"
      Thank you for your contribution, we do hope that you get de programmed away from this CULT.

    3. so what is wrong with the Sharia law, if applied? the biggest justice law from Allah the almighty. you can not find any law on the face of the earth which could establish 100 per cent justice for humanity. you may need more research to understand what sharia exactly means, it is not like to cut and stone anyone by free desire. there are certain conditions and certain procedures.
      you just need more research.

  2. Thank you Stephen for your contribution. Please keep us informed of your laws and how this school is being funded. In the USA it they have siphoned off tax money intended for Educational purposes, then we see all of the expenses for non-educational garbage like h1-b visas, FREE trips to Turkey for local polticians, academia and media as well as the children that participate in Gulen's SHIT show the Turkish Olympiads a very elaborate expensive showcase of American children demonstrating their "Turkish Talents"
    It looks like the Canadian Turkish Olympiad is comming up shortly.
    Their infiltration of government in Turkey is problematic, it is the same methods that are used worldwide. Only they blew it when they (Hizmet) started attacking journalists and jailing them. This is not going unnoticed by the world.
    Please keep us informed as to what is going on in Canada, and until then the Canadian FREE Press has written an article 2 days ago on this.
    I suggest you start educating your fellow Canadians.

  3. I really don't understand how people can judge each other, then classify them like we are all some kind of mass product unit. I totally disagree with all of you, you can't just comment like that on someone that you don't know, specially with 3rd person's comments. Here I won't say like Gulen is good or bad, but all I want to say don't get an idea before get a book. Which means that read and learn before having an idea.

  4. Anonymous I agree with you to a point. I have read some of Gulen's books but they are usually not penned by him. You see, there is no credible in a 5th grade educated self-imposed exiled "Cult" leader. His followers continue to lie and deny their affilations and how the schools perform (usually below standard or average at best) not to mention the lying about financial mismanagement and the inflated waiting lists which get larger each time they open their mouths to the press.
    I have much research on Hizmet, in fact more than you probably have or know. Your group is disorganized you little soldiers just do as you are told and "Tuzuk" your salary back to the Gulen front groups.
    Gulen is bad because he lacks transparency and hides because he would probably have to face charges in Turkey for trying to overthrow a secular country. He is not well liked at all but there is a certain amount of fear of being arrested, killed or destroyed by the Gulen mafia.
    It makes no difference as these schools in the USA are funded with tax dollars. They continue to lie and their schools will continue to CLOSE. Many are fleeing to Canada, and taking American money with them. If your schools are private, then no one should care. But in America they are in big trouble VERY big trouble.

    Gulen is not Islam it is a CULT.