Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
Restore the Ottoman Caliphate. Disclaimer: if some videos are down this is the result of Gulen censorship which filed a fake copyright infringement to UTUBE.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gulen Charter Schools Preview "60 Minutes" CBS NEWS Lesly Stahl Sunday, May...



  1. So sorry I missed seeing this program,but actually I didn't feel like vomiting that night. And knowing the purpose of these schools on our soil, simply makes me sick. How any retro polyreligious entity,(1,700 years late), feels that they can 'teach' others when they are so far behind, is beyond me. I taught at one of these schools and was asked to teach kids that couldn't even speak English..what a joke, as if any subject can be taught as a show and tell course, or scratch and sniff. Actually I sniffed out years ago what frauds these profs and schools are....teacher does the work for kids, kids enter math/science fairs and win...look good..eventually graduate and go onto college where none even major in math or science, instead preferring political science, the class/coursework for losers...and lose they do for most can't hack the first year of college and are shunted from college to college after being let go. And these are the folks who think that they will put America in top place with their nonsense...someone's wet wetdream. Methinks it is big nose in the photo above. Methinks he is a spiritual nosepicker who has found a bunch of green ones...that is the $25 billion bucks he 'earned' from his..hold your hats folks..his 5TH GRADE isn't that special....making it through the fifth grade..and ending up with $25 billion. Methinks he is a magician for doing the impossible, as well, he is a phony of the highest order, not to mention a recluse who is running from something..why the need to hide???

    1. sORRY, but I am not referring to the man in the video above,
      but to none other than mr recluse, pretender, phony gulen.
      I had just seen his photo in another article and forgot he
      was not on this page. Pls forgive me, other than that, all
      stands as stated in the aforesaid comment of mine.