Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

60 minute out takes Bonus Footage Fethullah Gulen Charter Schools


  1. Still LMAO over this one. Doesn't sound like either a suffering Sufi or a sick bound Sunni in the background,nor even a Salafite in the night, but I do declare he is full of Shiitte.
    ..guess that Preparation H didn't prepare him for any Lesley Stahl,as he appeared stalled on not coming out..even though something came out!

    His anal personality wouldn't allow for any intercourse of a verbal nature. But wow, he sure did make up for it in the audio anal dept.

    Actually one could say that he was literally talking out his ass, NO? Guess when you sit on it 24/7, it's gonna be hard (not that silly!!)
    to eliminate the negative, member that old song?

    Only problem was that it was hard to tell if it was turkey talk.Maybe he just had his head stuck up there dreaming of the Caliphate Con.

    Glad we didn't see that scene which would have been mean, and not so keen if you saw his bean, er, weinershitznel. Methinks he was stalling with Ms Stahl 'cause all that shiitte wasn't making its way out. God only knows the world knows he is full of it. Wonder if he grabbed ExLax, while dreaming of that dhimmitude tax. The end result was this towering babel of bubbles,that seemed to give him troubles. Lots of loud grumbling for a bumbling bozo whose turds, 'er words, were heard 'round the world.
    Great job on the sound effects guys!

  2. @Anonymous; Well done mate!. You fight wisdom and action with filth oozing from within. Why dont you for a change try and do as he does; i.e. encourage people to do good, whatever your interpretation of "the good" may be!

  3. Fetos does such "good" that he is ashamed to come out of his rat hole. While he enjoys the "fruits of his work" what is that? jailing journalists? Killing kurds with his broadcast fatwa against them? or perhaps it is his stinky manipulation of media and education. Then there is the Erdogan AKP who is getting disgusted with your Hocaefendi, he has fallen out of favor with Erdogan.
    If Fetos had a clean slate he would freely leave the Golden Generation compound, but alas...............he can not. Not even to accept his fake awards that you gulencis bestow on him at your fake front groups like; Niagara Foundaton, Turquoise Council, Grace Institute, East West Institute, Raindrop Turkish House, and so many more.

    Do you really think you are doing "good?" well as "60 Minutes" and everyone else says "he is a personalized CULT" and you are one of the brainwashed fools.

    Name 1 thing that Gulen has done for World Peace and Dialogue?
    Name just one thing?

    Lets go from there and BE SPECIFIC. (if you can)

    We encourage and empower teachers, parents, civic AMERICAN groups to fight the evil of your group. So you will not be able to lie and bribe your way through our country and Culture.