Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
Restore the Ottoman Caliphate. Disclaimer: if some videos are down this is the result of Gulen censorship which filed a fake copyright infringement to UTUBE.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fethullah Gulen Followers are Censoring News Video and more from You Tube


  1. GREAT QUOTE HERE."No matter where or what, there are makers, takers, and fakers". Robert Heinlein. This certainly fits the description of one Mr G. He is a maker of educational facilities to push his own agenda of Islam. He is also a taker, insofar, as he has no problem with taking american tax dollars to feather his nest, all the meanwhile he sits on $25 billion and he would make us believe that his 5th grade education allowed him to make that kind of money. That last item alone makes him truly a faker of the highest order. Here is a man who thinks he is sitting on top of the world..well, he is in a way...sitting on top of the Poconos, where he can make things happen simply by making, taking and faking in a Pocono pinhead magical is that? Oh you little whirling dervish of a devil..Do you, Mr G honestly believe YOU can return the Caliphate?
    And do it by making/taking and faking? NOT!!!

  2. So the one and only (thank god), Fetullah Goo gone, wants to control the internet now. Get rid of internet cafes so that the boys and girls cannot see each other..nor can the boys check out a hot chick in a bikini on youtube..nope, we can't have none of that, can we, Mother-not-so-superior Gulen. I think back at my students at one of these schools who must have been so confused about women and sexuality. Poor kids raised by moms in body bags and then the turk boys get to the US, they cannot get enough porn til morn!
    Always asking me if they could check out Beyonce's bouncing boobs...thank god for that, for it sure beats them 'doing' each other, as many arabs are wont to do. But wait,there is more...Gulen wants to keep the info of Armenian genocide out of the kids eyes...sort of like the Roman catholic church of eons ago. They did not want their people to read the bible, just put up with the pope/priest's interpretation, but we know now how that all went. Once folks could read truth for themselves, they didn't need the middle men who were sucking their livelihood off the masses of asses.

    So Gulen is not doing anything new...actually he is centuries behind the eight ball. Any man who would deign to think he can stop the universe from expanding and waking up men's psyches is a major megalomaniac. Remember Ronnie Reagen to Gorbachev..."Mr Gorbachev, take down that wall"...and sure as sht, Gorby took down that wall for he knew that the tides of history were upon him..and no way can you put them back down on the farm when they have seen gay paree.

    So to Mr Gulen, I would say in that same vein, 'Mr Gulen, put down your wall of ignorance, of moon gods, of imam idiots telling men on youtubes on HOW TO PROPERLY BEAT YOUR WIVES'..BUT WAIT..maybe this is what gulen does not want the world to know...that his idea of the Caliphate would include the wholesale use and abuse of women...oh yes, he would allow them to be educated, to have degrees, but it wouldn't save the women from the third degree of a fist meeting her face at night in the privacy of her home. And make no mistake of it, reams have been written on Turkish muslim women and the amount of domestic abuse that takes place at the hands of male family members..and it does't matter if you are a doctor, lawyer or professor, for the male has the greater power to take his frustration or immaturity out on you 24.7.

    So what good does it do a woman to have an education and be a professional, if at night, she gets beat up by an insecure or sadistic man, I ask you? Strange, isn't it that Mr Gulen never brings up real topics, only his fantastical wetdreams of Caliphate. Which makes one wonder, is he also into the 72 voigins thing as well?