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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gulen Schools Worldwide- Tacos and Turkey Gulen in Mexico cha cha cha

Watch video of Babacan's visit to Gulen's Turkish School in Mexico City.  Watch the Mexican children sing the Turkish national anthem and wave the Islamic Flag.

Gulen El Senor

Gulen El Bambino

Babacan with Mexican children that attend Turkish School

Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan has become the first foreign minister to visit Mexico in 80 years. Minister Babacan also visited a Turkish school established four years ago in Mexico. Babacan congratulated the executives and teachers of the Turkish school which he found highly successful.
Following official talks, Babacan during his visit was welcomed with the Turkish National Anthem by the staff of the Turkish school in Mexico City. Babacan started his school tour by visiting students in Kindergarten.
Babacan who was escorted to the computer and science labs at the school also had conversations with students in the Turkish Language class.
A Mexican student showed his command of the language by singing a song in Turkish, and students performed a folk dance in traditional clothing.
Minister Babacan who addressed the parents and students, said Turkiye and Mexico had similarities in many aspects such as cultural and social.
The Foreign Minister thanked the Turkish entrepreneurs who brought the same high standards to all the schools around the world including the one in Mexico City.

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