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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gulen Schools Worldwide-Amsterdam Tulips and Turkey linked to Gulen Movement

Interesting read from
As you read it, insert the name of your country where is says "Dutch" or "Amsterdam".  Same shit different country!

 Political Heavyweights Linked with Gulen Movement
AMSTERDAM, 21/12/10 - Alexander Rinnooy Kan and Agnes Jongerius have resigned from an advisory council of a Turkish organisation following media reports showing that it has links with the controversial Fethullah Gulen movement.
Rinnooy Kan has stepped down from the committee of recommendation of the Turkish-Dutch youth boarding school De Witte Tulp. He is thereby following the example of FNV chairwoman Jongerius who already departed last month, civil servants journal Binnenlands Bestuur reports.
The same journal last month published an article showing that De Witte Tulp had links with the Islamic Gulen movement. This movement of preacher Fethullah Gulen says it works in the Netherlands for the development of Turkish youth. But according to a number of experts, this is only a front for the disintegrative policy of Islamisation for which Gulen is allegedly aiming.
Rinnooy Kan is chairman of the Socio-Economic Council (SER) A survey by De Volkskrant selected him last week as the second most powerful person in the Netherlands. Jongerious ended up seventh on the list. She is chairwoman of the FNV union federation.
According to Binnenlands Bestuur, the Gulen movement abhors homosexuality and puts men above women. Although he has resigned as advisor to De Witte Tulp, Rinnooy Kan is continuing to link his name with the Science Festival organised annually by De Witte Tulp in Amsterdam's Nemo science centre.
Integration Minister Piet Hein Donner has meanwhile promised the Lower House to look once again at whether government subsidies go to organisations linked with the Gulen movement. He does not consider further investigation of the movement itself necessary because freedom of religion would in any case make a ban impossible.

update january 13, 2011
The Turkish government has fiercely criticised the new Dutch government's stricter immigration and integration policies. Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant reports that Ankara's Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik said the new policies place immigrants in an isolated position.
The minister mentioned the high costs of obtaining a residence permit, compulsory integration courses and the fact that Turkish language classes are not part of the curriculum offered at Dutch schools.
Mr Çelik pointed to the successful integration of Turkish immigrants in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. He said the Netherlands and other Western European countries could learn from their example.
Second-rate citizens
The Turkish minister is quoted in de Volkskrant as saying that: "The fact that young Dutch people of Turkish descent still believe they are second-rate citizens, that they are not welcome, or that they are being discriminated against shows that the Dutch authorities need to revise their immigration policies." Minister Çelik is responsible for Turks living abroad.
A group of prominent Dutch Turks recently wrote a letter about the increasing integration problems among young Turks in the Netherlands. The authors also called on the Turkish government to stop interfering with the religious beliefs of Dutch Turks, but Mr Çelik rejected their appeal.
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