Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gulen Schools Worldwide-Africa the land of natural resources and Gulen Turkish Schools

The Hizmet (Gulen Movement) has recently had 3 Turkish Teachers arrested for sexual abuse in S. Africa
Democratic Country of Congo, Turkish School performs Turkish songs
Kenyan boy from Gulen's Turkish school speaks Turkish
Tour of Gulen's Light House Academy in Kenya, notice the Turkish flag

Africa needs more Turkish Schools
21 Dec
It is well known that Fethullah Gulen inspired schools have become very prestigious and respectable educational establishments wherever they were opened. In Africa Turkish schools enjoy especially high popularity. Turkish schools provide such a superior education and have earned such a big trust that many African top officials prefer to send their children to these schools. Foreign Trade Minister of Turkey Zafer Caglayan shares that during his visit to African countries “every minister he met asked for more schools” to be established in the region.
Every minister I met in Africa asked for more schools
“I meet with my colleagues in every African country I visit. The common wish they all have is for more [Turkish-run] schools to be opened. I care very much about these schools. I visit them every time,” Çağlayan, who is on an official visit to Nigeria, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea, said during his visit to a Turkish college in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja. Explaining the importance of Turkish schools in these countries, Çağlayan said: “The children of almost all ministers and other high-ranking officials in Africa are educated in these schools. It may be that the ministers and prime ministers of the future will come from among them.” Hikmet Çoban, general director of all Turkish schools in the country, briefed Çağlayan and the delegation accompanying him about the schools.
Turkey is heavily importing gas, crude oil products, coffee and cacao from these sub-Saharan countries.
Minister of State Çağlayan who called attention to the three-fold increase in the past six years of Turkey's exports to Africa called for cooperation.
The first Turkish school in Nigeria was set up 12 years ago with 7 students.
Today, Turkish schools in all parts of Nigeria have about 4 thousand African students.
Çağlayan said that they met Turkish school

Durbin College in South Africa- Turkish College

South Africa
Organization: Horizon Educational Trust
Horizon International Primary and High School
Star College, Durban
Star International Primary and High School, Capetown

Organization: Fountain Educational Trust
Sama Primary and High School, Johannesburg

Sama Boys School, Midrand
Al-Azhar Primary Institute, Port Elizabeth


  1. Some say Gulen Inspired Schools are the best schools around, and some say Gulen Inspired Schools cannot be that good without support from global powers. Find out the facts from above links.

  2. Sure Myth whatever you and Hizmet say...after all those Gulen owned and operated sites you spew out all over the Internet are not biased are they?
    Todays Zaman, Fountain Publishing, ERBU TV and Gulen's web sites are ALL the personal PR and marketing arm for Gulen. As well as the paid $$ fake scholars parading around at "mapping the Gulen movement" etc.,
    The problem is we know more about Hizmet than you do. Poor poster is so possessed he doesn't realize he is in a cult with a mindless leader who is the tool of America.
    We will allow your post, nothing to hide like you do. But do tell us where we are wrong and what is not factual.

  3. Can you show me one reference about the following news that you posted -> The Hizmet (Gulen Movement) has recently had 3 Turkish Teachers arrested for sexual abuse in S. Africa

    I followed the link and FOUND NO REFERENCE at all. Is this a coincidence or a proof of being a member of the "Goose Network" ???

    Please visit the following links to get more information about Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Movement.

    Gulen Movement

    Gulen Movement

    Fethullah Gulen Blog

  4. We have no problem with allowing your post, in the spirit of transparency (something that the Gulen Movement sorely lacks) Yes I will provide this news release and report to you, but if you would have looked at the article and clicked on the link you would have found the news report from S. Africa.
    Secondly, I must say I am very sorry for your latest denial in PA - the Allentown Science Academy was denied on Thursday and Knoxville Charter Academy is delayed until Fall 2012 (wink-wink) because the 5 locations Suzan and Leyla found were unsuitable for the Knox School board.
    Can you give us a reason why these "gulen sites' you post all over the web are credible since they come from his media spin masters?
    Does it seem strickenly odd to you that you have to comb the Internet 24/7 defending a man that fled our country, cannot return, has a 5th grade education and is considered by most Turkish people as public enemy #1?
    We doubt if you have ever met the Great Gulen, but are merely another of his puppets that are promised wealth and possessions if you are educated in the Gulen way? Are we right?
    Can you answer 1 more question for us?
    Please be specific and not the sidestepping that the Gulen Movement is known for.

    What makes you think that everyone in the world must learn Turkish and that the only education worth having is the education from people in the Gulen Movement? Do you think this is a bit arrogant and ignorant to assume that everyone should want the Gulen brand of Turkish Islam (Turkocentric)
    This is why your schools are being denied and closed.

  5. Here you go Fethullah,
    By the way, impersonator your idol is a bit over the top. Are you married yet? I know that Gulen asks his male followers to not marry before they are 40 and contact with women is limited. Sorry for that you don't know what you are missing. But then when you have been in a male boarding house your whole life it is only natural to want the company of men.
    Turkish missionaries 'molest' boys

  6. So Fethullah ...
    since you are here to defend your empire. Can you tell us if you think these papers that have written extensively about the Gulen Movement are more credible than your Gulen web sites you posted above?
    Arizona Star
    Desert Star
    Knoxville News
    Texas Monthly
    Hawaii Free Press
    Veterans Weekly
    Washington Post
    USA Today
    Cinncinati News
    St. Louis News
    ................all have printed stories about the Gulen Movement. So are they ALL liars?