Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Friday, September 28, 2018

Worldwide money laundering ring of Gulen Movement, Bank Accounts and Holdings#AdemArici #KemalOksuz #AkinIpek #MahmutCikmaz #SelahattinKarakus #AdilBaguirov #IzzetAkyar

Kemal Oksuz

Kemal Oksuz is coming back to the USA under Indictment

From the Houston Chronicle 

Akin Ipek - indicted in UK  9/24

Izzet Akyar main conduit in Pennslyvania lives 3 miles from Gulen Compound  TD Bank closed his accounts because of wire transfering activity.  
Izzet tried to sue TD Bank and under grounds they closed his account because he is a gulenist.  No they closed it cause you are a criminal 

Adem Arici   serving the end of his 5 year sentence for money laundering via his grocery stores, very high up at the Turkish Cultural Center of NY and Sema Foundation

Part of the money was wired to Fulton Science Academy and other schools- Adem got a lighter sentence (5 years instead of the 30)  He should be out by this December 2018

Adil Baguirov Baku's man in the USA very close ally to the Azerbaijani government.  He was on the Dayton, OH school board and wanted to run for Congress ...

Mahmut Cikmaz

Mahmut Cikmaz    Gulen "Safe Box of Sudan" aka "Mr. 10 % arrested and brought back to Turkey 

Selahattin Karakus- Gulen member in Brooklyn got his restaurant seized money laundering via the business,
Is in the Sheeps Head area which is a Gulen residential area - This school is very close to their Syracuse Academy of Science which has a back prayer room we have on 
video given by a Gulenists who left the cult 

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