Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gulen Schools Worldwide, Why so many Gulen Turkish Schools in Africa? oil, diamonds, textiles, coffee, and more

Africa is a continent RICH in natural resources.  The Gulen Turkish Businessmen TUSKON have reaped many business exports in the billions from Africa.  TUSKON has many offices set up in Africa, plus in the economically hard hit areas Yok Kim Su the Gulen charity group has gained a lot of controls via charity. 

Some assortment of Turkish Gulen Schools in Africa

Somalia Turkish School - Nile Turkish School of Somalia

Ghana Turkish School Universiteti Beder
Madagascar Turkish School (COFFEE)
Malawi Turkish School
Mali Turkish School
Somalia Turkish School- Willow International School

Ghana Turkish School


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