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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Gulen Movement Lighthouses in Germany under scrutiny

In Frankfurt's westside a group of muslims belonging to the G├╝len Movement, known as nationalist and ultra-conservative, runs pious groups that share houses together. Visitors are not exacly welcomed, the inhabitants like to stay among themselves. Critics do warn about the network's heavy recruiting among young muslims in the Rhein-Main area.
"No," says the young woman coming to the door, wearing a tight headscarf and long gown."No, we don't belong to any organization. We're students. We just prefer to live together with similar believers." And that's it, she says nothing else and friendly but decidedly closes the entrance door. This is an encapsulated world, in the center of the narrow Old-Griesheim district. A 170 square meters apart-ment, with shutters almost closed at broad afternoon, that is inhabited by young devout Muslims. But they do not live as self-organized as the

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