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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fethullah GUlen Movement and Charter Schools We want your soul

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  1. Loony Tunes says it all....good job guys...very creative..more than the FG/faker group could ever hope to be. Yep, they think they are just going to usurp, takeover, improve and indeed rob our very souls by forcing us into believing in a moon god, a crescent moon god whose modern day stand-in is an irrational, irritating imam who bends over mooning us with loads of crap at the crack. Frankly I am getting fed up seeing his crack all the time...that thin line on his face which is frightenly lacking any emotional intelligence.

    The flick of him and O-bummer is hilarious, albeit one wonders who is really carrying who in the real world. One at the start of his white house gig, clamored for charters, and viola, we have 150 now we hadn't had before.

    The religious significance of one holding the other has one element missing---in the catholic church we have incense emitting into the air, but when one looks at those two you can't help but feel the only pipe they are using is one for crack.You should have included that too. One has to believe that if one is to believe in a moon god, one has to be high on something, and if not on crack, then simply 'be cracked'.

    As for Mr G, one wonders what drug or dung he is on with half dead eyes that speak Vacant. One perceives when looking at him that he is the veritable presence of absence..he is there, but not really if you get my drift. Sort of like he is and out...of his notion of what the world should be..which is of course from the far side of the moon...way out.

    Only one thing could have improved this video and that would have been someone offering Mr Gulen a bit of toilet paper to wipe off the corners of his mouth...actually maybe double sheeted Delsey for diahhrea of a spiritual sick sense emanates from his yawning yelping yapper.