Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gulen Schools Turkish Government and Internet Porn Sex


  1. This is stupid. You falsify yourself. You talk about how big and famous the web hosting firm is and then talk about those schools share the same hosting site. They may even be hosting many church sites, PTO sites and police organizations' sites. Baseless...

  2. Dear Mr. Clarke Kent;
    Talk about "falsifying oneself" you cannot even make up a good American name anymore you have to steal one of our Comic Super Heros.
    You are the hypocrites, you and your cult speak about the evils of Internet and want to squash free speech (jailing journlists, etc,) yet you slam the Internet with over 200 Gulen websites, you block internet access at your schools to particular sites, won't allow Gulen charter students to learn of the Holocaust, etc.,
    You are fake to the core with HORRIBLE English skills to boot. You should not be educating American children or allowed near them.

    Care to explain why Turkey has the worse educational system in the world? Why do 2,000 Turkish students A DAY drop out of school?

    Your comment like your CULT is baseless and pointless. Alas even your fake blogger accounts are laughable.

    If you think any of our posts are baseless then don't read them and wait with baited breath.

    Can't wait for the next major newspaper article about your group and your schools. Wonder which of your Gulen Charter Schools is closing next?

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