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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Gulen Charter School Lack of Honesty and Public Trust


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  3. "no more unions" is a newly created blogger account (sept 2011) no doubt by the Gulen CULT. They left this message which luckily went into spam before they cowardly deleted it.
    Attacking Sue Taylor of the Ohio Teacher's Union or other educators, journalists, teachers, etc., will not be tolerated.

    NO MORE UNIONS doesn't understand why Turkiye cannot invest into American schools? The reason is because America doesn't need an inept educational system or the Gulen Movement trying to own and manipulate America's educational systems. This Jerk off Gulenists NEEDS to pay attention to the 2,000 Turkish students a day that drop out of school and fix the below standard education in Turkiye before professing to THINK they know what America needs.

    no more unions has left a new comment on your post "Gulen Charter School Lack of Honesty and Public Tr...":

    Sue Taylor is a giant, selfish moron. Dayton's economy is already dead. That Turkish organization brings money, invests in risky Dayton economy, help a charter school start and bring in millions of federal dollars to local teachers, business, housing complexes, shopping centers. She complain because her organization won't make money out of this charter school. The complain in this news piece about the foreign organization getting its money back. What's wrong with all this?
    Read more about my web site about foreign labor:

    p.s. your English is HORRID!!! LOOK IT UP ASSWIPE.

  4. This blog is also nothing but a copy of another blog from the very same source... what's the point to publish such a nonsense material by copying the same thing over and over?

  5. Angelica Estrada or is it Ahmet what are you doing using Hispanic names?
    What is the point?
    Not all of the blogs are the same, only content where it pertains is put on that blog. If it has to do with Texas or Cosmos it will go on the Harmony blog, etc.,

    You should talk - the Gulen Movement has over 148 web sites that say the SAME THING: "Gulen promotes dialog" (he doesn't speak English) "Gulen was not exiled (sure, that is why he hides) "Turkey is in Europe (ha ha ) "Turkey is a land of tolerance" (tell that to the Kurds and Alevis)
    "Blah Blah, the same crap out of your 148 websites about Fetos the FAKE.
    Now run along and go terrorize some Kurds or figure out a way to keep 2,000 Turkish students a day from dropping out of Turkey's schools.

    If you don't like the blog, then doen't read it. Looks like you wait in anticpation for the next blog. We wait in anticpation for which school will be the subject of the next news media? Which school will close next?
    When will the Gulen Movement become PROUD and admit they are followers of a 5th grade educated Nit Whit.