Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
Restore the Ottoman Caliphate. Disclaimer: if some videos are down this is the result of Gulen censorship which filed a fake copyright infringement to UTUBE.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gulen Schools Worldwide WARNING about trip to Turkey for 9th Annual International Olympiad.

If you check out how many groups are angry at the Fethullah Gulen community, like the PKK which has targeted Gulen Schools or the current state of affairs with the undemocratic arrests of Turkish Journalists or perhaps the growing hatred toward America, Israel and other countries by Turkish Nationals. This Gulen Show June 15-30th in Turkey is not safe for any child in the world. Gulenists make it clear what their objection is "7 billion people one language" (their goal)

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