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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gulen School in Hawaii, not this time Hawaiians say "Aloha Oe" to the Gulen Movement

Queen Liliuokalani statue at the capital, her spirit still guides and protects the Hawaiians today! 
Queen Liliuokalani is also the writer of the song "Aloha Oe" (Farewell to Thee)  
Aloha Oe to the Gulen Movement

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gulen Cult strikes out in Hawaii Legislature, School?
By Andrew Walden
by Andrew Walden
After months of trying to get on base in Hawaii, is it ‘three strikes and they’re out’ for the Turkish Gulen cult?
Hawai`i Free Press readers learned last December that the cult was attempting to take control of Mokapu Elementary School on Kaneohe Marine Base.
The Gulenists Mokapu STEM school proposal was withdrawn in December, but as our sources informed us, the Gulenists operating as “Sonoran Science Academy” resubmitted their proposal for the new year. The February 16, 2011 minutes of the Mokapu School-Community Council indicate: “Charter- the company that was interested before is expressing interest again.”
But after articles from Hawai`i Free Press were made available, teachers and parents at the school were ready. A petition was circulated and the April 20, 2011 minutes of the Mokapu SCC tell the story:
Mokapu STEM Charter Conversion
i. Mrs. Mulchahy met with faculty and informed them that a representative from the Sonoran Science Academy would like to meet with them to discuss converting Mokapu into a Charter school. 78% of the faculty signed a petition stating meeting with the representative was not needed. They have enough information already.
ii. Admin and Classified staff need to still vote on the meeting
iii. Mrs. Miyasaki will draft a letter to accompany the petition declining the meeting
This was only the beginning of the Gulenists’ abysmal failures.
On the Legislative front, efforts to pass HCR30, a symbolic resolution “Recognizing the cultural, educational, political, and economic relations between the people of Hawaii and the Republic of Turkey”, foundered after the Gulen Cult was exposed and Legislators were informed by concerned citizens. HCR30 only passed after being stripped of all references to Gulen front groups.
The Gulenists’ embarrassment and shame was heightened when it turned out that they had hoaxed Sen. Mike Gabbard and several other legislators during legislative lobbying visits earlier this year. A Gulenist portraying himself as “Ozkur Yildiz, President of the West America Turkic Council” was in fact one of two different Ozkur Yildizes—both of who were portrayed as “President of the West America Turkic Council.”
And then to top it all off, Hawaii State Ethics Commission Executive Director Les Kondo sent out an April 19 memo to politicians warning them away from accepting free accommodations in Turkey from the Pacifica Institute—another Gulen front group.
It is easy for the Gulenists to provide free accommodations because they use Gulenist-owned hotels, restaurants and transportation and their fellow cult members simply absorb the costs of the free accommodations, meals, and transfers.
Kondo explained:
"The State Ethics Commission understands that legislators may have received invitations from the Pacifica Institute to participate in a trip to the Republic of Turkey. With respect to the Pacifica Institute's invitation, the State Ethics Commission does not have sufficient understanding of Pacifica Institute, the purpose of the trip, or the state 'benefit' associated with the trip.…"
The trip was to be from May 13-24. Did any Hawaii legislators accept the freebies after the warning from Kondo? We will be watching.

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