Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gulen's Turkish HIBs School in Vietnam- another school the same story "Started by Turkish Businessmen"

The new Gulen Turkish School In Vietnam is called the Horizon International Bilingual School.  It is the “same” story …blah blah- Turkish businessmen in Vietnam decided to give back to their community by opening a school, the Olympiads start, the Turkish Clubs and Free trips to Turkey.  Wine and dine the politicians (as in this photo) and then move to push for a new school. 
It is so predictable and consistent along with the secrets of their true agenda and allegiance to Turkey and Gulen.  Even the name of this school is the same as the Gulen Sister schools in Ohio called Horizon Science Academies. 
The Website of Horizon International Bilingual School (HIBS) in Vietnam
Turkey and Vietnam sign MOU to bolster bilateral ties.

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, who embarked on a Southeast Asian tour last weekend, signed a memorandum of understanding Vu (MoU) with Vietnam’s Minister of Trade and Industry V Huy Hoàng in Hanoi on Wednesday.

Arınç and Hoang signed the agreement at the close of the fifth meeting of the Turkey-Vietnam Joint Economic and Trade Committee (KEK) in the Vietnamese capital. Speaking after the signing ceremony, Arınç said the MoU would contribute to the friendship between the two countries as well as strengthen their economic ties. He also noted that economic relations between Turkey and Vietnam were sustainable and full of opportunities for progress. The Vietnamese minister also expressed the belief that the results of the KEK meeting, one of which was the signed agreement, would further the relations between the two countries. He also expressed the will to work more actively to make the best out of the economic potential that currently exists between Turkey and Vietnam.
Following the meeting, Arınç attended the inauguration of the Horizon International Bilingual School opened by Turkish education volunteers in Hanoi. Delivering a speech during the inauguration ceremony, Arınç said the school would provide high-quality education to the youth of Vietnam.
Inspired by the teachings of the widely respected Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, Turkish volunteers, teachers and businesspeople, have opened educational institutions from kindergartens to universities in over 100 countries around the world since the early ‘90s.
The local school forgot to tell the Vietnamese officials that Gulen has not formal education past the 5th grade and is NOT or ever will be a "scholar" of any sort.

The MoU was signed by Deputy PM Arınç and Vietnam’s Minister of Trade and Industry Hoang in Hanoi on Wednesday.


  1. Even more concerning is that these garbage Gulen schools do not have qualified administrators or teachers. There is an old American with a penchant for very young girls who was at the Gulen school in Burma and has now moved to the one in Vietnam 'teaching English' although he does not have any single credential to his name. They hire backpacker types, usually unqualified and with no teaching experience or a whole bunch of unqualified Turks who can't speak English properly but are loyal and fanatical to Gulen. The schools in Myanmar and Vietnam should be closed down as they are cheating the kids they charge so much money.

  2. None of what you are posting is surprising, there is a lot of this going on not only in their international schools but domestically. Search the internet for "Graham-reeves Harmony Waco, TX" or this blog for "sexual assaul"
    "Rape on Dove Science Academy campus" and many more.
    They have been known to hire their teachers in the USA from Craig's List in an attempt to satisfy the needs of prior advertising of a h1-b Visa application.

    more trouble and scandals with this cult eveywhere they go. Every country they step in controvsy and opposition.