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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gulen Teachers with Guns, "Holiday in Cambodia"

Cambodian Style

As widely discussed, Gulen's boys have schools worldwide, and we found one in particular in Cambodia called the Zaman International School.

We came across some photos from an outing that some of the Zaman teachers had with their students. In the photos, the kids and teachers are posing with guns -- and they do not look like toy ones either.

So we have to wonder what was the point of this particular photo exhibit, and further, what exactly were the teachers trying to teach here? What exactly was the mission? It sure doesn't look like a science or math lesson, unless of course they were study physics and testing the speed of bullets...

Maybe that's where some of the Tuzuk money is going -- to Cambodia to buy guns -- as teaching tools...

And boys, what would Gulen say if he saw these photos?

He's all about peace --right?

As for our boy Ali, well he's rumored to be in the United States and is involved with the "Genius International High School Environmental Project International" competition, co-organized by the State University of New York at Oswego (40 mi. north of Syracuse) and the Terra Science and Education Foundation. The other teacher, Alisher Matkulov, is rumored to be living in Brooklyn, New York.

The photos were seen on Ali's facebook page:

Post script -- the boys removed the photos after publication ...

Just a couple of teachers -- having fun --right?

Group photos with the gun, great for school spirit.

A couple of Zaman students learning about 'physics?'
And this is one of their teachers, Mr. Ali Oksuzer.


Research paper on the Gulen Schools in Cambodia,%20P.pdf


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  2. Pamella;
    Not sure how we may have helped you, but let us know if we can be of further assistance. Since you are posting on the Cambodia link are you in Cambodia? We have heard from several people in SE Asia as well as Europe who are fed up with this group and their nonsense.
    I hope we have given you the inspiration to stand up and be heard and not let your education be taken over by a special interest group that is foreign to your great country of Cambodia.