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Monday, March 17, 2014

Azerbaijan President purges his cabinit of Gulen insider Aslanov

In accordance with the decree of the President, a  37-year-old Elnur  Aslanov  was dismissed as head of the department for political analysis and information support of the presidential administration Nothing is reported about the causes of  his dismissal.

Recently in the media actively exaggerated the topic of relations  of the  Elnur Aslanov with Turkish Nursists, and even Aslanov’s letter addressed to  Fatullah Gulen  was published.

Several media reported some fight  between Aslanov and Ali Hasanov, other  head of the department in the Presidential Administration, for influence and control over the media youth organizations.

Aslan  controlled the work of  the Center for Strategic Studies under the President and pro-government youth organization "Ireli" . In addition,  Aslanov  controlled other  pro-government  leading websites.
Aslanov’s dismissal  will be regarded as a victory or Ali Hasanov’s team. —06D-


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