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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fetullah Gulen Protestosu 1.eylem part-2 13.07.2013 Saylorsburg PA Usa (...

Turkish Americans protest at Gulen's compound in Saylorsburg, PA.
They stood their ground with concerned American Teachers, parents and citizens
They want to warn Ameirca of the dangers of harboring a criminal that must stand
charges in Turkey for disrupting a secular government.  The reason for Gulen fleeing
to the USA and seeking asylum and living as a recluse in seclusion. 
Gulen's Empire is estimated at $25 Billion

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  1. Once again, we have to ask how does someone with only a fifth grade education amass some $25 billion dollars...from whom and what and where does he get that money...any ideas anyone? And why hasn't any true blue non muslim Turk taken him out already?