Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fethullah Gulen Brick in the Wall Cult.

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  1. great video...gave me the creeps however, for it pretty much sums up the 'mill' factor, that is, a mill to push kids through into this divine thinking we can all be very freaking scary that is! The kids I taught at one of these schools a few years ago were actually as obnoxious as those on the wild scenes in this vid...and YET, they were also like zombies a good share of the time...and so unhappy. It was written all over their faces of how they had been brainwashed by their religion/culture and that cult into a fake reality just like the faker, Fetullah himself.

    They were extremely hard to teach, mostly lazy, always very disrespectful of women teachers to the point of abuse. But then their quran allows for this as women are viewed as lower than dirt. These turk moe boys were a drag on the community with local shopowners hating them in their stores. For often those students would steal, be rude and crude and obnoxious. As for their actual learning at these schools..they were touted as being math and science whiz kids.

    Not hardly, for when they did win contests at math/sci fairs, it was the profs who did the work and kids took the credit. I have been told that when they leave these schools to go onto college, they do NOT major in math or science or engineering, but they do major in Political Science...scary thought, no? Goal: infiltration.

    Worse, is that most do such a lousy job at college they are dropped after the first year and then the second year and the third, often having attended four colleges to get a degree. Their goal is getting these kids into US local, state, federal politics and start changing the rules here. If we don't get them out, like termites, they will damage the foundation of our house of govt, not that the usurper hasn't already nibbled at the walls of that foundation!