Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gulen School in Germany threatens schoolmaster who exposes their links to Gulen

Germany's flag and proud Germans will not bow to the threats of Gulen and his cronies.
The end is comming for the Gulen Movement and their worldwide schools.

A german schoolhead discovers that her school belongs to the Gülen movement, makes it known and quits...
Just imagine to be the head of a school department where immigrant children make up the main part of the population. You like to help them climb up the ladder and also teach them in class. Then one day you discover that your school is part of a worldwide network run by a turkish sect that follows the ideas of a conservative Turkish imam. What would you do?
When this happened to Elke Wenzel, a teacher at the Carl-Friedrich-Gauss-Schule in Ludwigsburg, Germany, she decided not only to quit the management part of her job as head of the highest level (Gymnasium) department as soon as possible, in a letter she also informed the parents of her students about her motives.
Although Ahmet Ünver, the overall head and financial director of the school formerly known as Forumschule, is a declared admiror of Fethullah Gülen as he stated himself, he threatens to file mrs.Wenzel for slander if she does not stop spreading those rumors.
Finally the two parties end up in court, not because of mrs.Wenzel's allegations but because the school could not bear her being around any more and wishes to fire her from the teaching part of her job. The case is In the end settled for a very meagre sum. Probably mrs.Wenzel has got to know her former colleagues a little better in the meantime, and is relieved to leave the whole experience behind her for no more then a symbolic payment.
The whole story once more shows how goodwilling, certainly not islamophobic people with a social conscience are knowingly mislead by members of the Gülen movement. In the end this is never going to work.

Read more about this at at European Site that is exposing Gulen

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