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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Turkish Parliament fight over Islamic education reform


  1. What is the exact day this "fight" took place and what is the cause? Please provide links.


  2. Don't play coy with us Anonymous, you know exactly what it was. Your Hocaefendi via his AKP puppets is implementing more Islamic instruction at an earlier age in Turkey's schools.

    We don't have to remind you that the majority of the people in Turkey (secularists) are not happy with this type of manipulation.

    Since your Gulencis puppets control the majority of the parliament, and drowned out the the opposition there was a fight.

    It was all over the international news, not to mention the protestors that were doused with water, peacefully protesting this Islamic conquest over education.

    You won't win. The good people of Turkey will have their say.

  3. The fighting took place March 30, 2012 in Parliament but protests were before and after this silly educational bill in Turkey was instated. Secondly, here is just a few samplings around the world regarding news of this unjust bill and secular vs. Islamic protests in Turkey.