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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gulen Schools in Australia controversial and growing

A PROPOSED new school at Algester has attracted racially motivated complaints from residents.
Despite its name, Resha College, Turkish for raindrops, would cater for up to 150 students in a non-denominational environment.
Councillor Angela Owen-Taylor (Parkinson) said although the college was still seeking Brisbane City Council planning approval, several residents had raised concerns.
“It is disappointing that some people are choosing to make racially based inferences about this school,” she said.
“It is an independent school and will not preclude any student from any background from attending.”
One Algester resident said Turkish families should send their children to existing local schools or go back to Turkey.
Ngaire Lanyon said it was time people stood up to the development of Muslim-based schools which she believed did not promote integration.
“They come to this country, why can’t they go to our local schools?
“How many German schools or New Zealand schools do you see around?”
Mrs Lanyon said building schools like Resha College was setting a “shocking precedent”.
“We’re losing our own values,” she said. “When other people come here they have to adopt the Australian way of life.
“If our schools aren’t good enough for their kids they should go back to Turkey.”
Queensland Education and Cultural Foundation’s Murat Coskun said the boutique private school would cater for a maximum of 150 students and would welcome children of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.
Federal Member for Moreton Graham Perrett said he would establish a multicultural forum following discussions at the Southside Summit on the weekend.
Mr Perrett said multiculturalism was an issue residents felt needed regular discussion.
“It will be useful to educate, inform and pass on community concerns,” he said.
Mr Perrett said people had also raised migrant housing as an issue.
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  1. It is sad, to say the very least, that Australia and her population have descended into this kind of bigotry and hatred. I had assumed that we as a nation had progressed beyond that kind of ridiculous thinking. Upon reaching Australia from England in the early 1970's my parents, uneasy with the public school system, decided to privately educate their children. Does one now suggest that sending us to prestigious schools which assured us of a successful life was the wrong thing to do? - I cannot afford a private education for my children but would if I could. My husband is Australian and I am obviously English, we are lucky enough to live in a suburb that is relatively free of strife, but should I have to live somewhere like, say, Goodna, if I decided to send my children to Brisbane city to be educated at All Hallows, would the population of Goodna demand my children attend their public schools or leave? - the points of view of the people quoted shows a distinct lack of education and integrity and more than a frightening amount of nastiness and spite - shame on them

  2. This is what happens when you allow non Europeans into western white country, they will only push their own ethnocentrism and want the benefits of a 1st world country, but still want to remain secular. The Jewish minority are a another one who rely on Australian taxpayer money to fund their schools also, what a joke. They should just get out and go back home to their stinking shit holes they created for themselves.

  3. At least the Catholic and Jewish schools are transparent about the fact they are and make no excuses to be about education based on Catholic or Jewish education. The alarming issue about the Gulen Movement is the lengths they go to avoid discussion of Gulen or flat deny any relation to Gulen other than "I have read his books and I am inspired by him" Isn't that like saying - I didn't have sex because I didn't ejaculate.