Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gulen Schools- Gulenists Hijrah (Migration) links to schools worldwide


  1. Your "evidence" all points to different blogs. Is there some kind of hard evidence that you can give for your "research"? It must have taken you forever to do all of this and I can't imagine it would be easy. Please let us know how it all came together for you.

  2. As an American who taught at one of these faux schools, I have learned some interesting facts of late regarding their so-called brilliant math/science students. I discovered that most of the boys who go onto college are kicked out at the end of the year as they can't handle college material. Then onto another school where once again they are kicked out at end of sophmore year. By the time graduation arrives they have been to 2, 3 or 4 different schools. So much for brilliance or gifted students. I found that their strongest traits were in realms of lying, cheating, falsifying grades via breaking into teacher's computers to change grades, not to mention using said computers for the filth of porn. The latter is laughable when you consider their moronic fathers prefer keeping their women in body bags and veils per deadly dictates of idiot imams.

    At any rate, the boys don't even major in math or science or computer science in college. Instead most of them become political science majors with an eye on getting into local, state and federal gov't positions eventually in the US in cities/towns where the parents reside. I would imagine they do this with the desire to reign over all of us in time, and make the rest of us as stupid as they are and to adopt a religion which requires that you FORFEIT YOUR BRAIN to the one and only terrorist god. These guys would be something to fear if they weren't so laughable and fairly dumb dimwits, who from my experience teaching them, are mainly slow, lazy to the max, often 'entitled' in their egotistical ways of feeling they are above all. That they think they are deserving of the highest grades when they haven't put in an hours work in a semester shows just how arrogant and ignorant are the students and their leader Gulen.

  3. Evidence points to other blogs?

    There is Hizmet again trying to hijack conversations. You must be ESL? Because 90% of our "cited" articles are from mainstream media (no not Today's Zaman)
    NY Times
    USA Today
    Arizona Sun Star
    Philidelphia Times
    Ohio News
    Tuscon Weekly
    Hawaii Free Press

    and much more....

    Nice try, but people who are sophisticated readers can see through your crap.

    The truth marches on!!!

    Until the Gulen Movement marches out!!!