Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fethullah Gulen Cult--- Workers Radio Austrailia With Jack Frost 88.9 fm

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  1. Methinks this dude who is interviewed hasn't done a good job of finding out about the fraud.
    Unless you view the entirety of Islam as a con job or a cult, then one doesn't get what mr g is all about. If you read from his own website how he feels about his religion, there can be no doubt in your mind that he honestly believes that Islam must reign supreme over all. Anyone living in Turkey knows his plans for Turkey, and by extension, plans of the rest of humanity.

    When Gulen refers to "The third attribute of Prophethood as communication of Islamic truths" he is not adopting some new cult...he is indeed embracing all of Islam, so I don't get where the idea of cult comes in...cult denotes some off beat splinter I see it, Gulen is full tilt Islam whose destination is the return of the Caliphate...sort of the whirling dervish of the world's dervish devils where all adopt the same groupthink, all minds are stilled, or appear to be drinking from a still so stunted.

    Methinks the Aussies should come up to speed on what those schools in their midst really bode. This is not a pretend group who fancy themselves as muslims, these are the real mcCoy boys into a religion they see as being able to change the world for the better. In short, as the Jews fancy themselves as the CHOSEN PEOPLE, Gulen's hue and cry is 'we will show them who are the chosen ones of MOO-hamad." And we will do this by making all COW tow and bow to Mecca.
    Moo-hamed will milk the students for all they are worth n these schools whose primary purpose is not math and science, unless by math you mean increaing their moe/moohamed numbers for the takeover of the planet. His view of science, is in fact, NON science as that is seen as a no no and not in sync with Allah's algebraic anger. Creativity/art/and science are useful tools now for the appearance of looking like they embrace 21st century cultural norms, but watch out instead for the return to the cave of the Caliphate where all march to the same drummer, the bummer of Babylon booby traps.