Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
Restore the Ottoman Caliphate. Disclaimer: if some videos are down this is the result of Gulen censorship which filed a fake copyright infringement to UTUBE.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gulen Schools Worldwide- partial list of Gulen Schools in the world

From "Not Deleted" website
Euro-Research on Gulen Schools and Fraud.


  1. website from the Netherlands who are working to rid Europe of the Gulencis.

    1. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to smear one of the greatest educationists the world has ever had!

      If you had any knowledge and were not blinded by stupid prejudice then you would notice that through his single handed effort, Gulen has turned around a morally corrupt, bankrupt and loser nation that was dictated by corrupt military dictators for more than 70 years in to a civilized, economically sound and democratic nation with very strong moral values. From a godless society, Turkey has now become a model nation who are practising the religion of Islam as it should be practiced i.e. with moderation, toleration and strong moral justice both domestically and internationally. Please try and learn from this man instead of being blinded by your ignorance.

    2. Anonymous
      No we are very proud to expose this fraud for what he is. Secondly, if your Cemaat or Cult was not ashamed to follow the 5th grade educated Gulen you and your (bowel) MOVEMENT would be proud to declare that "yes" your schools are part of it. Instead you make every attempt to lie, sidestep, manipulate, intimidate, cajole, blackmail - whatever it takes to grow your share of power.
      Gulen cannot go back to Turkey and you know it, there is too much heat from his opposition which is over 78% of Turkish nationals. Gulen would go back if he could - but must remain under lock and key.
      Gulen was DENIED his first Visa application because he doesn't possess any educational qualities (he cannot even speak English) Gulen is a fabricated figure head for you brain dead followers that don't have a creative thought.

      Instead you pointlessly spend hours trying to promote him of some sort of symbol of peace, love and tolerance when he has none of those qualities. Even Slamming online boards and voting on Foreign Policy to name him "the most important Moslem in the world"

      Gulen is trying to instate Sharia law into Turkey, and is causing chaos with the military and jailing of individuals who have done nothing except express their opinion and facts. Gulen does this with his 70% control of the police.

      You don't personally know Gulen, and you will never meet him. Stop taking the heat for a man that is unGodly with no courage to face those that challenge his worldwide agenda and past record.

      Turkey is NOT a model nation, and thanks to Gulen will have to change their perception to the world. Jailing journalists, children and the family of Zarkaoglu will get your group no where quickly.

      There is nothing to learn from Gulen or his followers except the Kolbasti and how to fraud countries and people from the truth.

      The military is not corrupt in Turkey, it is secular and will remain so. They will not become Imam Ordusu.

      2012 will be a very telling year, hold tight it is going to be a bumpy ride for your group.

      Some friendly advice....if you cannot be truthful about your affiliation with Gulen then maybe you are following the wrong Cult leader. Save your lecture for someone that is naive or stupid. Gulen is evil and has done NOTHING for peace, tolerance or justice. NOT ONE dam thing.

      Even his books are written by others. Now go back to your weekly video taped broadcast from Hocaefendi. Because he is YOUR Hocaefendi doesn't mean he is anyone elses. Ah the world according to Gulen. What a waste.

    3. @Gulen is a Fraud...brilliant my dear..hope you can hear me clapping a 1,000 miles away. As one who taught at one of these loser schools of his that is built on a heap of lies, I can say unequivocally that as long as their religion dictates everything in their life, they will get no where. Like a whirling dervish who just goes round and round, their religion and lack of real schooling has not brought them forward an inch in 1,400 years.

      When you spend 14 centuries trying to subjugate others and enslave them you can not study, work, learn or discipline yourself to move forward for you are too busy being a predator of others. I resent the jerk above who claims that our country/US of A is losing out and no longer a model. If this is the case why are they coming to our shores? If they think they can really clean up things, first they have to get their own act in order. Starting with their sons who are taught from the earliest ages that women are crap, and to be used and abused. Anon above fails to say that Turkey's record on women might be an educated woman in Turkey but what good is it when you come home to a violent whackjob that beats you just for the fun ot it. And Turkeys domestic violence is way up there...over 85% of women there are abused by male family members.And it doesn't matter if she is a stay at home or a briliant surgeon saving lives..abuse us rampant, but you only find that where you find sick men. How sad that Gulen says nothing about women, nor does he disagree with jerk imams teaching guys on youtube, HOw to Properly Beat Your Wife. If Gulen wants to truly educate, he should being by teaching all his people that Muhammed was a perv, a total nut, and should be bannde from every mind on the planet. Having taught many of Gulen's charges, I know firsthand what sick mindsets their boys are raised with and what little respect they have for women. Those kids along with the old man should all be taking behind the woodshed and given a real God dose of what it means to be a start with punishing them, not women.