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Friday, December 9, 2011

European Journalists slam Turkey over press freedom

The Association of European Journalists (AEJ) urged Turkish authorities to stop abusing the country's repressive laws to prosecute journalists, and called on Ankara to immediately release journalists being held in pre-trial detention, during their annual Congress in Bucharest, Romania.
The AEJ expressed undivided support for the activities of the Turkish Freedom for Journalists Platform (FJP). FJP, a coalition of journalists' associations of Turkey, has led national and international campaigns in support of press freedom and advocated release of imprisoned journalists.
The AEJ statement particularly focussed on what they qualified as fabricated and unfounded charges against the journalists Nedim Sener, Ahmet Şık and others. Sener, who worked as an investigative reporter of Milliyet newspaper, has spent more than eight months in pre-trial detention before facing the court on terrorism charges following the publication of his book about the 2007 murder of journalist and editor Hrant Dink. Şık was also detained in relation to his book about alleged links between Turkey’s powerful Fethullah Gulen movement and the police. The entire circulation of the book was confiscated before publication
The association urged the governments of other countries to press Turkey to repeal its restrictive laws, including Article 5651 of the Turkish Penal Code, which has been used to prevent access to hundreds of websites, as well as vague provisions subject to high level of discretionary power that have been used to charge journalists with supporting a terrorist organisation or insulting state institutions.
The European Commission, in its annual report on Turkey's progress as a candidate country, expressed concern at the very high number of criminal prosecutions against journalists and the extensive use of pre-trial detentions

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