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Saturday, April 30, 2011

First American Muslim Congressman Supports Gulen Schools- Another Gulen Politicial Tool

American Congressman Ellison (Minnesota) the first Muslim member of Congress at his recent FREE trip to Turkey provided by the Gulen business man TUSKON.  Where he praised the Gulen Schools

I guess the boys forgot to tell Congressman Ellison that he’s not supposed to mention the direct association that Fetullah Gulen has with the 120 “Gulen-inspired” charter schools spread throughout the United States.

Apparently, when they gave Ellison the invitation to Turkey they forgot to give him the skinny on keeping that part hush-hush.  The deal is supposed to be -- just accept the money, take the trip, eat the baklava, drink the tea, and shut-up. 

Looks like Ellison will not be invited back in the near future unless he can get his story straight. But then—the boys have a hard time doing that too.

And Ellison sure danced around the topic of the Armenian genocide, didn’t he? At least he got that part of “politicking” right.

Ellison was quoted as saying, “That the Turkish community in the US is more active than in the past and that he is in close contact with Turks there.” We just bet you are Ellison, and we wonder who paid for your trip to Turkey and if the boys have contributed to your political campaign.

Oh! And speaking of campaign contributions, and according to the website, Investigative,  here's a few of Keith's supporters: "Other donors include Turkish Islamist Merve Kavakci, and Asad Zaman, principal of the MAS-run Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy in Minneapolis, and Aly Abuzaakouk, former executive director of the American Muslim Council and a former IIIT publications director."

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And Ellison also noted that “Turkey and the US have successfully cooperated in security and politics and urged both countries to focus on trade ties.” Oh! We know all about those “trade ties,” just take a look at all the Turkish H1-B visa holders that they have traded for American teaching and administrative jobs at the cost of unemployed and qualified Americans.

And a side-note to Ellison, did you bother to research how many H1-B visas have been granted to those schools and that those guys and gals are making more than their American counterparts, and discriminating in lots of other ways in the process – or wasn’t that part of your trip itinerary?

‘Turkey best example of how Islam, democracy can coexist’ 23 April 2011, Saturday / EMRE SONCAN, ANKARA

Congressman Keith Ellison came to Turkey upon an invitation from the Turkish business group TUSKON.

Keith Ellison, the first Muslim member of the US Congress, has said Turkey is the most important country in the region and the best example of how Islam and democracy can coexist.

Ellison, visiting Turkey upon the invitation of the Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON), had talks with Turkish officials, including Finance Minister Ali Babacan, in Ankara. The congressman told Today’s Zaman in an interview that it is very important for Turkey to undertake humanitarian aid mission in this region, while praising Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s initiatives with respect to the unrest and chaos in the Mideast and North Africa. Ellison pointed to the historical link between the US and Turkey and said the ties will continue to grow closer in the future, too.

Ellison also welcomed schools established in the US by businessmen inspired by Fethullah Gülen and said these schools contribute to tolerance and dialogue and that he likes their approach to education.

The congressman stressed that the Turkish community in the US is more active than in the past and that he is in close contact with Turks there.

In a separate interview with the Anatolia news agency, Ellison said the events of 1915, which Armenians claim constitute genocide as large numbers of Armenians were slaughtered at the hands of the Ottomans, is a very complicated topic and can be approached in multiple ways. For this reason, he said, this issue should be left to historians, adding that he is not sure if the Congress is the correct venue. He said he hopes Turkey and Armenia continue to discuss this issue in a constructive way.

When asked about different policies developed by the US and Turkey, the congressman said this does not mean the two countries are in a dispute, adding that Turkey is now representing American diplomatic and consular interests in Libya. Lauding Turkey’s role in Libya, Ellison said he hopes Turkey becomes successful as it is trying to save as many lives as possible. There are people in need of food and shelter in Libya and Turkey is doing a good job there, he said.

Assessing Turkish-Israeli relations, Ellison said Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize Israel and that a lethal Israeli raid of the Mavi Marmara ship last year in which nine civilians were killed was a very unfortunate and tragic incident. Ellison urged both Israel and Turkey to continue talks to solve the dispute.

Ellison added that Turkey and the US have successfully cooperated in security and politics and urged both countries to focus on trade ties.

Explaining that trade between the two countries might swell by the help of trade-facilitating organizations such as TUSKON, Ellison said Turkey’s goods and services meet international standards.

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  1. We were told to remind everyone that this article is incorrect in many areas. Ellison refers to gulen's teachers as "Turkish-Americans"
    They are NOT American, the majority are on temporary green card visas or h1-b Visas.