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Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gulen Schools in Lebanon, Turkey claims they have 38 Turkish Schools in Lebanon

Not all the Lebanese citizens want Turkey or Erdogan infiltrating their country
Erdogan with Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri, why does
Turkey want to put in 55 more Turkish Schools and Hospitals in Lebanon?
Meanwhile over 300,000 teachers are out of work in Turkey, whilest their leadership is on a quest to open Turkish schools worldwide.
Turkey believes they still own Lebanon as part of their Ottoman Universal Caliphate.
BEIRUT: Turkey's Ambassador to Lebanon toured a number of Turkish-funded schools in the northern district of Akkar Thursday. Inan Ozyildiz's first stop was in the public school of the town of Aydamoun where he held a meeting with the mayor, members of the municipal council, mukhtars and the school's students and teachers. The Turkish envoy expressed his "permanent joy of meeting with the district's people," as he emphasized firm ties between the Lebanese and Turkish people For other uses of "Turkish", see Turk (disambiguation).

“Turkishness” redirects here. For Turkish law against the public denigration of Turkishness, see Article 301 (Turkish penal code).
. Ozyildiz also spoke of his country's support for Lebanon. "There are new developmental projects that will be carried out very soon," he said. The Turkish diplomat also visited other schools in Aydamoun and the villages of Biri and Kawashira. -- The Daily Star
“Have full trust that when Lebanon is happy, Turkey is happy. Whenever Lebanon’s stability and security strengthen, Turkey will be happy,” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday.
“We followed up on the aggression against Lebanon during the 2006 July War, and we felt your pain. We considered that solidarity [is represented through] our responsibility to rebuild Lebanon,” he said during the inauguration of a Turkish-funded school in the Akkar village of Aidamun.
Erdogan added that Turkey has helped build 38 schools across Lebanon.
The Turkish PM thanked all of those who contributed to building the school in Aidamun.
Erdogan arrived in Beirut on Wednesday for a two-day official visit.
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